Substance and Environment Art

So, lately I have been messing around with Substance Designer to create a basic Brick texture. Well, it looks basic but it’s not by a long shot unless you know your way around Substance Designer. The ArtStation link is here –

Substance Designer is a material creation software from Allegorithmic. It is node-based and non-destructive. If you want to change something in your graph, you can do so without having to recompile everything.

I noticed this software from looking at a few GDC talks by Naughty Dog employees and I started thinking to myself that it would be great to utilise this software for myself. I was already using Quixel Suite 2.0 for texturing but after seeing Designer in action, I immediately subscribed to Substance Live.

Substance Live is a rent-to-own program by Allegorithmic where you can pay $20 a month (around $30 AUD) and slowly pay enough off to the point where you can buy a licence. Each payment you make essentially becomes credits. Once you have enough credits, you can purchase a licence.

After watching a few tutorials online, I started to tackle my brick substance. Someday I will eventually put the graph online for others to take a look at but I highly advise people that want to get into Substance Designer to take a look at the links below:

  • – Two videos
  • – Two videos
  • – From Rogelio Olguin and he does a terrific job at explaining all of the material.
  • -A really good blog by some industry veterans
  • – Some really good tutorials on offer

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